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At Boss Brain, your success is our success. Much like a trusted business partner, Boss Brain will always act in the best interest of your business, delivering unbiased feedback, support, and guidance.





Boss Brain started as a dedicated coaching agency in 2018. April (our Lead Coach) was at this time working in the family caravan park business and decided she wanted to be a better business owner, hence invested some time into some personal development and started studying coaching.
It was through the coaching education, that she discovered her passion for business coaching and helping fellow business owners with their businesses. At first, it was more of a side hustle, until April was dealt a devastating blow that her much loved Uncle and mentor had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
It was April’s uncle who inspired her to dump what she didn’t love and to follow her dreams. His quote to her ‘be the star pupil and do what you love’. The motivation that this fueled, lead April to creating the business name Boss Brain.
Boss is indicative of how the person you must act to run a business, bold, savvy, and in this modern world, compassionate. The Brain reference pays tribute to the devastation brain cancer causes families and how it robbed April of her fun-loving uncle. The name Boss Brain is a timely reminder not to give up because there are people in this world far worse off than you.
Now, Boss Brain has evolved into a business services agency offering many of the business aspects people need. Offering not only business coaching, the agency has expanded into website devlopment, social media management, graphic design, marketing, and bookkeeping.
Based in Mornington, but servicing the globe, Boss Brain has clients as far as Switzerland and in many states across Australia.




Meet our team

April Whiston

Business Coach and Growth Strategist

Trent Whiston

Business Coach and Efficiency Specialist

Carlie Watson

Accounts and Graphic Design

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It’s often difficult to realise your full potential when looking from the inside out. At Boss Brain, we believe that opportunities are there for the taking and that even the smallest of businesses can generate a big return with the right investment of time, energy, and passion. Don’t let small thinking hold you back. Learn to dream big and start seizing those opportunities.

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