It’s no joke that social media this year has become a place where mindless scrolling and feed addiction is at its peak. This also means it’s a perfect time for businesses to focus on social media content production and networking through the abundance of platforms we have to choose from. 

No matter which platform or platforms you choose to focus on for you and your brand (we would recommend choosing a few) so that you can maximise your reach and engage with as many people as possible. The goal of having social media is to network with existing and new clients and build your brand presence in an online space. 

First things first, develop a strategy. When doing so it will become apparent which platforms will be best for you and your business. It is good to then think about where each platform fits in turning consumers into customers. Typically, users use Instagram through their consideration phase. I mean, we all love to scroll through aesthetic feeds and be inspired by what other brands are putting out there. So, creating an Instagram feed that gets users excited about your brand for them to follow up and purchase from you. 

On the other hand, Facebook plays are a crucial role in communicating with the consumer about more specifics of the brand and its offerings. People are more likely to click through to a website link on Facebook rather than Instagram, simply because it is much easier for them to locate the link, as it can be directly accessed in the post itself. Ensuring your Facebook and Instagram feeds are aligned is also important, you don’t want to confuse anyone by sending different messages on different platforms. 

Quality or Quantity?

Quality always wins!

Once you have developed your social media strategy it’s time to think about the kind of content you are going to make and put out there. Social media and digital marketing have both really skyrocketed in recent years, so it is harder than ever to grab the attention of the audience. Without stellar content, people are just going to scroll straight past your brand. You only get about 2-3 seconds to make an impression so creating good-quality content is imperative. 

That being said, the quantity of posts is also important. You don’t only want to be posting once per month and be expecting the same results as if you were to post 2-3 times per day. In an ideal world, you would want to see the quality and quantity of working harmoniously. So, you’ll need to find the perfect balance for you and your brand.

What makes good content?

There is no black and white ruling on what makes a ‘good’ social media post. It is all dependent on the message you are trying to send and the type of audience you have. You could post an amazing image, an eye-catching graphic, a funny GIF, or a quick video. The opportunities are endless.

Your social media posts aren’t ads; however, they are promotional material for your business. They tell the story of your brand; it is what stops people and encourages them to want to find out more about your brand and what it is you’re all about. 

Social media is a very visual space so having an engaging post paired with good copy vital. The image should reel them in and then the caption is where you communicate with them and bring in the call to action. Both elements work hand in hand turning a view into a potential lead. 


Spending 15-20 minutes every day engaging with the people that follow you and other like-minded accounts and influencers to build up your network. When you make your social media strategy it is important to think about your target audience, social media success isn’t about getting your content to everyone it’s about getting it to the people that matter. 

Use hashtags! These can be branded or unbranded and it will allow people who are interested in what you are posting about to see what you are posting. 

Some little extra things to think about when creating your social media platforms:

  • A little bit of continuity goes a long way.
  • A theme can be your best friend. 
  • Communicate with your followers. Don’t just post the content and be done with it, respond to comments. Generate a conversation with your fans. Afterall it is social networking. 

Creating the best social media feed for you takes time and patience. You have to be willing to change your ideas along the way and adjust the content you are making to see what people are engaging with more. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative and spread that message. 

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