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Hey, thanks for reading! I hope this blog gives you some great ideas and an abundance of short and sweet blog writing tips that will help you engage with your audience

Use simple, conversational language.

Me, Myself, I and You

Write in the first person (use ‘I’ not ‘we’). Write to and for a single individual (“You’ll love what happened next”).

5 Simple Ways To Write A Compelling Headline – #4 will surprise you!!

  1. Ask a question
  2. Create curiosity
  3. Promise a solution
  4. Resort to clickbait
  5. Use numbers.

Have you ever asked yourself why you keep reading beyond the first paragraph?

Write a compelling intro – ask a question or tell a story.

It was 9 am on Monday morning, and Friday evening couldn’t come soon enough…

Use real-life anecdotes to keep your writing human and relatable.

Blogging is a lot like speed-dating – you have to make a lasting impression in a very short space of time!

Use metaphors.

I’ll never forget that day. The smell of the rain, the sound of the distant traffic, the knowledge that he was gone forever…  

Also emotion.

What do writers have for breakfast? Synonym rolls!

Use humour – use better humour than this.

What’s your favourite blogging tip?

Ask questions.

I find it helpful to start with a very basic plan and then just start writing – get the ideas down and fix them later.

Offer solutions.



and dot points

  • To 
  • slow 
  • down 
  • your 
  • reader 

And make your blog easy to scan. 

And that’s how it’s done.

Get straight to the point. 

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“Thanks for adding to the conversation”

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Happy Blogging


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