Never before has there been such a simple, cost-effective way to personally connect with potential customers far and wide. Successful use of social media can generate a business reach unlike any other form of marketing. Maximise your own social media engagement with these simple tips. 

  1. Going into your social media campaign with a clear vision is an important first step. Start with a definitive understanding of your audience, which platform/s they are most likely to use, and the goals you hope to achieve. Keep your brand voice and message clear and consistent throughout all of your social media posts and interactions.
  1. To maximise your posts, make sure you have a good understanding of each platform’s individual culture. A blanket approach to content will gain far less traction than tailoring your posts to match the tone of each platform.
  1. Give your followers more than just a sales pitch. Use your account to inform and assist. Create and share content that will be of value, whether it’s directly related to your business or not. 
  1. You can increase your customer interaction by creating polls and asking leading questions. This style of engagement also encourages your followers to interact with each other and can help to build a strong, interactive online community.
  1. Up-to-date knowledge and use of popular trends will make your posts stand out and get noticed. Platform updates shouldn’t be ignored – do some basic research and make them work for you. 
  1. Never leave your customers waiting. Keep your followers and potential followers engaged by responding asap. If someone else monitors your posts, ensure they have enough knowledge to respond to inquiries or have them refer to someone who does.  
  1. Going out of your way to interact with other social pages within your niche gives you an opportunity to network with potential customers and collaborators. Like, share, and comment on posts of individuals and businesses who might be interested in your brand.
  1. To encourage user-generated content, ask your customers and followers to post stories, pictures, or videos of your products/services. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool for building your brand, and real-life testimonials will increase your credibility. 
  1. Let your followers get to know you. Have conversations rather than just telling people about your business. Show people why you are passionate about what you do. Allow them behind the scenes with live streams and videos.
  1. You can make the most of every post by being consistent in quality and staying true to your brand message. Give your followers original, premium content that they will want to share. 

Down-to-earth, personal connections are an invaluable way of increasing your social media presence and growing your online community. Remember to be authentic and keep it fun. And if all else fails, there’s no shame in resorting back to a good old gimmick*. 

*read the first word of each paragraph from top to bottom


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